Luz Photography

Luz, meaning ‘Light’, is a wedding photography business created by Ceri Adams and is based in Falmouth.

Born and raised in Cornwall, Ceri studied photography at Truro College and then graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Photography at Southampton.

She spent a year travelling in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Thailand and a further two years in Portugal, improving her photography skills along the way.

But Cornwall was the place for Ceri, Falmouth in particular.

“I had an amazing time when I was away but I always knew that when I came home I wanted to settle in Falmouth; I love it here. There’s so much to do in this lovely seaside town. I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place.”

Ceri’s passion for wedding photography is clear, “I love seeing the bride on the morning of the wedding, the excitement radiates from her. Seeing the months of preparation come together, with all the details that have been carefully chosen; the venue, the colours, the decorations, the cake and of course the dress, it’s incredible”.

Ceri works along side her excellent assistant April, photographing weddings throughout Cornwall. Ceri can’t emphasise enough the importance of meeting your photographer. She recommends that you choose someone who you not only like the style of but someone whom you get along with – you’ll be spending the entire day with them so you need someone who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Luz Photography is planning a new modern wedding package which includes a tablet pc allowing you to take your wedding with you wherever you go! It’s a great album alternative, portable, lightweight and it doesn’t matter if it gets covered in finger prints!

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